Buy-a-Bag Letter from Toni Eakes

Dear Friends of A Wish For Animals:

Every year A Wish For Animals rescues dogs from high-kill shelters from Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Right now AWFA is providing for more than 60 dogs either in our kennel or in foster homes. Each day, our dogs eat 5 large bags of dog food and require vet care worth another 10 bags. Each bag costs $35 – the math comes out to $525 per day!

This year, we are beginning a Buy-a-Bag campaign with the hope of helping us keep the dog food bin full – and the their bodies healthy. We have been rescuing dogs since our organization was started in 2000. Each year thousands of abused or neglected dogs are turned into public shelters in which less than a third are placed in homes – the numbers don’t get smaller.

I know many families are struggling to keep food on the table. The rescued dogs taken in by AWFA are part of our family and we cannot allow them to experience hunger and neglect again. Please help us provide them with the most basic of meals and health care. For less than the cost of a sandwich, chips and a soda, you can feed a dog an entire day’s worth of food and care and feel good about where that money went.

The goal? To raise $25,000 for food and care needed for our dogs through spring 2012. Please help us meet that goal by buying a bag or more today. You may click the Donation button or send your check to AWFA at P.O. Box 4054, Dana Point, CA 92692. For every $5.00 you send, a dog will eat for a day. Buy a bag, buy ten bags, buy as many as you can afford – but please make your donation today to help buy food for the animals of AWFA! If you know a friend of animals who could buy a bag, please pass this request along to them!

On behalf of the dogs, thank you for your generosity.

Very truly yours,

Toni Eakes
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