Let’s Find Bonnie the Boxer a New Forever Home!

Boxers are such sweet dogs and so often we find them at area shelters in desperate need of a home.  This little girl named Bonnie is just as sweet as can be and was recently rescued from the Devore Shelter.  She’s looks to be approximately 2 years old and is in good health.  We thought she may be deaf, but she responds to loud noises and high pitched sounds as well as hand signals.

Please help pass the word out and lets find this little girl a forever family.  Isn’t she deserving of that??  She will surely add joy to your home.  And being the typical boxer, she’ll keep you smiling while playing with her toys.  She also appears to get along quite well with small dogs and children.

Please help..

Great News!  Bonnie was placed in her new forever home!


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