Adoption Process

Adopt a DogIf you are interested in adopting any of our pets, you are asked to complete a form that tells us about you and your background with animals.

A completed application and an adoption contract is signed, allowing the transfer of the pet to you. A $300 adoption fee for young or adult pets over 6 months and $350 for puppies under 6 months is paid to A Wish For Animals. Our adoption fees covers the cost of care, all shots, spay/neuter, microchip and de-worming. Our contract states that if for any reason you are unable to keep the dog after you have adopted it, the dog MUST be returned to A Wish For Animals and not taken to any animal shelter, friends or family.

We recommend you bring your children to visit with the pets you are interested in. You may also bring your family dog since you are looking for a new dog. We do not recommend cat-dog visits.

Choosing your new dog

A Wish For Animals will help you find the right pet for your lifestyle and preferences. Some things to think about before you arrive to choose a new pet:

  • How much time do you have to play with/exercise and train your new pet?
  • How much time will your pet spend home alone?
  • What is your (and your neighbors) tolerance for noise, such as barking?
  • Does your new pet need to live happily in a busy, active household or with children or older adults?
  • What is your tolerance level for minor destruction, such as chewing, scratching furniture, knocking items off shelves, and/or house-training accidents?

Dog Adoption Includes:

  • Spay or neuter for dogs
  • Medical examination for general good health
  • Preliminary vaccinations
  • Microchip identification
  • Lifetime of LOVE

Preparing your house and yard for your new cat or dog

Spend some time thinking about rules and routines. You will want to create a secure and safe place (a crate or room works well) for the newcomer. Discuss who will be responsible for feeding, exercising, playing with and/or training him. Decide on consistent rules and routines to help your new pet feel safe and reduce potential problems.

Do a quick survey of your home from a pets point of view

Do you have plants or other objects that could be poisonous or dangerous to your pets? Are trash cans accessible to a curious pet? Even if you have a resident pet that is not tempted by these things, remember that your new pet will be exploring his environment and may have different tastes.

Ensure your yard is escape proof check for holes in the fence, latches on gates, and stuff piled near the fence that could give him a boost.